A Very French Beef Stew

If you are like me, you have made what seems like hundreds of variations on beef stew; the classic tomatoey American version, a Korean version, Chinese, Irish, with beer, or with wine. It’s all done in the name of variety and the constant quest for new flavors to excite the taste buds. We do it in order to make dinner ever more interesting, because let’s … Continue reading A Very French Beef Stew

Searching for the Perfect Risotto

I don’t get the allure of risotto. Years ago at culinary school, every student revered the dish except me, and slowly I’ve come to hate it. It’s overrated. I’ve practiced making it at home with the guidance of some of the best cookbook authors of the day. I stand at the stove as instructed, stirring, hot broth on the back burner, and all of the … Continue reading Searching for the Perfect Risotto

vegan lentil soup

A Delicious Lentil Soup With A Dirty Little Secret

What you need to know about lentil soup is everyone has their “simple” version.  Knowing this, it reminds me how easy it is to get a nutritious hot bowl of soup to the table.  It also tells me that it must taste really good if there is a reason to keep publishing simple lentil soup recipes, and we do keep publishing them and it does … Continue reading A Delicious Lentil Soup With A Dirty Little Secret

Midwestern Carbonara

Pasta Carbonara (A Midwestern Hybrid)

I melt for this pasta.  I always have. As a kid I grew up on heavy, roux laden Fettuccini Alfredo.  It was the rigor of the day and it was served everywhere and with everything mixed into the noodles, from shrimp to broccoli.  Unfortunately, and even though it was a childhood favorite, cream based pastas in the Midwest were bad, no, they were awful. Fettucini … Continue reading Pasta Carbonara (A Midwestern Hybrid)

bison sirloin with mushroom ragu

Bison Sirloin with Mushroom Ragu

I remember the first time I saw a bison up close and personal. It was out on the rolling prairies of South Dakota. No, it wasn’t wild. Reality is, I am not sure there are to many of those left. Maybe in Canada and Yellowstone but beyond that I think most herds are domesticated, sort of. When you walk up on a buffalo it is … Continue reading Bison Sirloin with Mushroom Ragu

Asian Spaghetti

Asian Spaghetti, Changing Seasons

If your weekend was anything like mine then you are comfortable having put summer to bed, tucked-in snugly with the knowledge it will sleep tight until it awakens again next year. Windows will close, doors are shut, and the nuanced smells of long simmered foods become more prevalent. I can’t imagine a life without seasons.  Not because I like the hot and cold but because … Continue reading Asian Spaghetti, Changing Seasons

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Bacon Wrapped Barbecue Meatloaf

Originally posted on TOM HIRSCHFELD.com:
While this may look complicated it doesn’t take long to put this together.  If you don’t want to use veal use buffalo, or just double the beef.  It is up to you.  Make sure you can maintain the grill at around 300-350˚ F.  If you can do that the rest is a cinch.  And if you don’t want to… Continue reading Bacon Wrapped Barbecue Meatloaf

Cast Iron Crispy BBQ Thighs

Cast Iron Barbecued Crispy Thighs

The best barbecue is anti-corporation.  This simple barbecue dish is too.  It flies in the face of everything corporate barbecue wants you to believe, that good barbecue requires hours of cook time under experienced supervision and employs the use of special equipment.  It does not. Barbecue itself has been around far, far longer then the backyard barbecue grill.  It is Native American food.  It became … Continue reading Cast Iron Barbecued Crispy Thighs