A New Pair of Shoes

Cheers all and welcome to the new site.  If you are new to my home please make yourself comfortable and feel free to subscribe, follow or bookmark this location.  If you are an old friend I hope you are enjoying the new place.

If you are wondering why I have changed locations it is for many reasons but mostly because the software I was using is going away.  I had no choice but to move.  In time I will get all the recipes moved over and have started doing so but if there is anything missing or you want to see just holler.

I have been writing this blog for three years now and as you all know last year it was a finalist for the Best Culinary Blog of 2012  by the International Association of Culinary Professionals which is a huge honor.  Since then Food52 the other site I write for was awarded the 2012 Best Culinary Publication by the James Beard Foundation.  It has been a big year and a wonderful one as well.

You will also notice something a little different in the banner.  I am starting a culinary journal called foodquarterly  and the food4 collaborative which is a group of talented food writers.  We are moving from the world of blogging into the world of publishing.  I hope you will visit foodquarterly regularly and I hope you enjoy it too.

So, please, come grow with us and follow us on our culinary adventure.  It promises to be fun.




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