9 thoughts on “Update: Get Your Free Issue Here!

      • 2boys4joy says:

        Wonderful! It’s my lucky day! I’ll be downloading as well as passing on to a friend. Thank you for responding! And so quickly! Can’t wait to try some of your recipes…yummmmm…mmmmy!


  1. Susan Pietrocarlo says:

    Tom, I discovered you through Food 52 over a year ago. I just downloaded your FoodQuarterly Winter 2013 and I can’t stop reading it. I am not quite certain why I didn’t discover your FoodQuarterly earlier in the year but I love your Sunday Dinners at Food 52 and love and enjoy your bonafidefarms website. I have tried multiple recipes and they are right on the money each time. I just wanted to thank you for sharing and would truly miss it if you ever stopped any of these ventures. So keep up the beautiful writing and photography. Sue


      • Susan Pietrocarlo says:

        Please keep posting! It would be a huge loss if you ever stopped! I am ever so grateful for you contributions to the on-line community. Not only do I love your recipes and kitchen inspiration but your real life stories and other stories are just awesome. Particularly loved the Hunter S. Thompson post! So please keep posting, Tom. Thank you. Sue


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