Obviously we are proud of our accomplishment.  We want to share it with you but we also want to give you a little inside peek at what is between the covers.

What is FOODQUARTRERLY?  Honestly, if I were to put words to it, and this shows my age, it is what in old school rock-n-roll would have been called a “concept” album.   It is a larger look at a particular style of food that has captured my interest.  The content, to me, doesn’t lend
itself to a blog and I felt it should be presented in a longer form.  This issue focuses on the American farm, the next will be on Summertime Rites of Passage and from there it is all hush hush because we don’t want to spoil it.

Inside you will find stunning photography, great stories and fantastic recipes.  We like to keep with our motto.  I hope you enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “A Peek Inside Foodquarterly

  1. Hi Tom; I just purchased the pdf version and can’t figure out how to get my issue. After I paid I clicked on the widget again and it just took me to add to my cart. Very excited to see the foodquarterly winter issue.


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