Hydrating Droopy Vegetables

9 thoughts on “Hydrating Droopy Vegetables”

  1. Thank for sharing such a great tip. I’ve used this many times when setting up a veggie tray. Cutting up the carrots and celery a day ahead and storing them in cold water until ready to serve. They’ve always tasted fresh.


  2. Great trick! I never like throwing away good food either. Also when I decide to save “old” (not rotten) vegetables to make a broth but don’t have time time and/or other ingredients, I throw them in the freezer. You might lose a little flavor but at least you aren’t wasting the whole vegetable!


  3. Interesting post. And if you trim off the tops the carrots will not wilt as fast. I have found (thanks to a produce guy at a GOOD market) if you soak for 10m or so in just warm water (the veg takes it up sooner) then drain and add cold, it works somewhat faster.


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