Pancetta Lardons, Sorrel and Mushroom Quiche

11 thoughts on “Pancetta Lardons, Sorrel and Mushroom Quiche”

  1. I have a clump of sorrel that won’t die away … prolific … and like you I am looking for ways to use it. I actually like the taste. I once had a magnificent sorrel soup made by Ingrid Murphy here in Canberra from her mother’s Polish family recipe. The taste of it haunts me. I also saw it growing at Kate Hill;’s “Camont” along with lovage (fell in love with both and so have planted both). I have all the ingredients to make this quiche so tonight I will be doing just that. Thanks Tom for all your intelligent, wonderful contributions to the thoughtful task of providing healthy, tasty food for your family and for sharing them with us. Love your work. I do have a WordPress account but the blog is not functioning yet. Should be up and running soon. Didn’t want to confuse you.


    1. Thanks! I did make it gluten free. I just used the recipe from the cup4cup website. I didn’t post a crust because I always think people have their favorite go to recipe and usually it is grandma’s and I don’t compete with grandma.


      1. LOL, well my go to is Julia Childs but I was curious I have to make a pie for someone who is gluten intolerant and needed a recipe and yours is beautiful, thank you will check out cup4cup.


  2. How timely! I was just thinking about planting some sorrel.I am so glad that sorrel is a perennial. I am always looking for it and if I see it at the market, I snatch it up. I really like it with fish or made into a light sauce for homemade pasta.


    1. If you have a small space or just a pot to grow it in I would. It regrows like lettuce and it is very hardy. Even well into those cold Chicago falls I thin it would do well. For some reason this year it has tasted really, really good to me.


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