A 90 Day Fitness Challenge (Breakfast Day One)

I ran out of booze last night.  It is a rare occasion that I would let that happen but I did it on purpose.  Even though I miscalculated by a day or two and because I have no intention of replacing it for a while, this does nothing but allow me to start my fitness … Continue reading A 90 Day Fitness Challenge (Breakfast Day One)

My Favorite Tofu Scramble

It's not for a lack of eggs.  I raise chickens, I have more eggs then I can use most days. So what drives me to this dish.  I especially like sprouted tofu, a lot.  It's not just tofu though. I like the process, the feel of the tofu as I crumble it between my fingers … Continue reading My Favorite Tofu Scramble

A Simple Smoothie

"Last night I had a glass of wine. Not so much to celebrate the new year but more to bury the last, there have been better years."  This is what I had to say on New Year's Day.  I am still mulling over my words. As is my usual, I didn't make a resolution.  I … Continue reading A Simple Smoothie

Pancetta Lardons, Sorrel and Mushroom Quiche

I grow sorrel every year.  That's not true, it's a perennial so it comes back every year all on its own.  So I am not so sure I grow it as much as just let it be.  Either way I have access to it each spring.  The thing is I rarely use it.  It is … Continue reading Pancetta Lardons, Sorrel and Mushroom Quiche

Schnitzel a la Holstein

This is to pig what XO is to cognac.   SERVES 4 4 boneless pork butt steaks 1 cup All purpose flour 1 egg mixed with 1/2 cup of whole milk 2 cups unseasoned bread crumbs, sifted 2 lemon, one of them quatered 4 large eggs 16 anchovy fillets 1 tablespoon capers parsley, minced 2 … Continue reading Schnitzel a la Holstein


Sort of a cross between mush and sausage scrapple has been called many things, including “everything but the squeal.” In other words it gets a bad rap. If you look at the ingredients list below you will find, first and foremost, it is nitrite free, sugar free, and gluten free. It is true when it … Continue reading Scrapple

Smoked Herring Salad

Why do so many people fear canned fish? I don’t mean tuna, it doesn’t even count. Was there some massive food poisoning event in the United States back in 1908 or something and the canned fish market never recovered or do we just have a lot of closet canned fish eaters in this country. Canned … Continue reading Smoked Herring Salad

Rösti with Gravlax and Caperberries

This makes for a great brunch or a good starter for an elegant dinner. The key to success here is to get the inside done without burning the crust. Patience in other words. SERVES 4 1 1/4 pound russet potatoes, scubbed and roughly peeled 4 tablespoons unsalted butter 2 tablespoons grape seed oil 4 pieces … Continue reading Rösti with Gravlax and Caperberries