Taco Night on the Grill

47 thoughts on “Taco Night on the Grill”

  1. Great tips! I’m fairly lazy so we make burritos more often than tacos but the beauty of tacos is variety. If you want to eat 4 tacos, you can have 4 different ones….and variety is the spice of life. Mexican food or Tex-Mex was virtually unheard of 10 years ago here in New Zealand but now we have heaps of good restaurants. How authentic they are I don’t know but they taste good so that’s a plus. I do love how easy it is to make at home though. I haven’t used corn tortillas at home but always order them when I’m out.


  2. Do you have a particular wine you like with this recipe?? We love tacos here and LOVE salsa. But I can’t think of a wine off the top of my head to recommend to my readers to go with this! Suggestions?


  3. Awesome recipe! I’m glad to see that you’re roasting the peppers. That’s something that I see many people forget. All food has a more complex flavor when it’s cooked but especially chilies. I look forward to trying this recipe!


  4. I am the salsa KING. Tell me how you want your salsa and I’ll make it better than that. It is fairly rare one comes across another salsa aficionado such as ourselves. It all started in my first attempt to make chip salsa, as I was extremely poor and that shit’s expensive, and you’re stuck with it whether you like it or not. So I entered into my life long affair with all things salsa. The one thing that I recommend (time allowing) for chip salsa that is, is to soak your main ingredients in plain white vinegar over night, then strain off and save most of not all remaining juices. Save that, it can be used again and again. Then mix in everything and anything else you like. I’m so glad to come across this post, I am excited to try your methods and enjoy them, they sound delectable. Salsa for life my fellow Salsa King and salsa on for salsa-ever, may the salsa be with you………………………….salsa for now……..


  5. If you ever visit Yucatán in México (or a place which serves ‘comida yucateca’) make sure you try the traditional ‘chiltomate’. It is a salsa made from grilled mashed tomatoes (or slightly blended), with chopped onions, cilantro and chile habanero. It is definitely my favorite!


  6. I wanted to grab a chip and dip into that salsa through my screen! Perfect timing with all the tomatoes and peppers in the garden! Great post, congrats on being freshly pressed!


  7. Looks delicious! I bet I could replace the red wine vinegar to lemon? I have always put sugar to my salsa, but I guess the grilled ones are sweet enough. 🙂 Must try it one day! 🙂



  8. Mexican cuisine,…. Never tried in my life but I would sure now after reading this ! Pictures will make every individual’s mouth water, I bet !
    Love the salsa recipe….My mom use to make a similar thing but she don’t call it salsa….


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