A Very French Beef Stew

10 thoughts on “A Very French Beef Stew”

  1. Stew is so versatile… the basic elements remain the same, but switching up an ingredient here or there leads you to an entirely “new” dish. The picture of your clay pot caught my eye right away as it looks exactly like the one I have! Love your description of feeling connected to every cook who has gone before you when using your clay pot. Absolutely lovely sentiment. As for cooking in the pot itself… do you use yours for dishes other than stew? Any special care required? I have a small plate that sits on the gas burner so that the flame doesn’t directly touch the clay. Do you have to do anything similar?


    1. I long cook Romano beans, I make confit, soups, and all kinds of beans. I have a roaster too which is great for legs of lamb, roast chicken and any larger cuts of meat. I like to use cazuelas too. I do not use a diffuser. All the clay I use can be set over direct heat as long as you don’t let it sit on the flame empty for long periods or add cold liquid to a hot pot. Both could potentially crack the pots.


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