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Meatball Po' BoyI was given an assignment and just like in high school I have blown it off.  I procrastinated.  In all actuality if this was school, the PR company my teacher, well, I failed with a big fat F.

Because my parents taught me right from wrong, I am going to complete my homework and turn it in.   It is the right thing to do.  I expect no mercy from the teacher.  None.

I crack open a bottle of wine and pour a glass.  What, that is what I would have done in high school,  just kidding mom and dad.  I never would have done that in high school.  I was more a Jack Daniels and Coke kid.  Did I just say that out loud?

Tasting the wine is my homework.

I take a sip.  Holy crap!  What was I thinking?  This wine is really good.  I swirl, look at the alcohol residue as it sheets down the inside of the glass,  park my nose inside the rim,  then shut my eyes and inhale.  Call me Marco Polo, that is some nice spice.The Troublemaker

I set the bottle aside, finish the glass at hand and get to work making dinner.  I am positive the wine will pair great with the meatball po’ boy I am going to make.

You see, along side tasting the wine I was sent a package of ground beef, but not just any ground beef, it is a blend ( a combination meant to go especially with the wine.)

Let me tell you these folks have it going on.  The beef has the nice mineral notes grass fed beef should have and the wines spice complements them perfectly.  I could totally see serving this wine with hamburgers hot off the grill, well, I could also see casually drinking a bottle while sitting on the porch with friends before dinner even hits the table, then cracking open another for dinner.

Looking at the marketing sheet they sent along a bottle will run you about twenty dollars, not cheap by any means, so make a special night of it because a good bottle of wine needs a purpose, needs to be remembered.  Celebrate summer, make some memories because that is what good wine does best.

Make your favorite meatball recipe, here is mine and some Salsa Verde. Pretty sure you can do the rest by taking your cues from the picture. 

Please visit Hope Family Wines and seriously, this is great tasting wine.


The Troublemaker Blend 6


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