Eastern European “Style” Venison Meatballs

6 thoughts on “Eastern European “Style” Venison Meatballs”

  1. Nicely done, Tom! A friend gave me some venison and I am going to try these tonight. I can’t use breadcrumbs and I don’t have cream on hand, so I’m going to add some ground pine nuts – fingers crossed!


    1. Thanks! The breadcrumbs I used were gluten free. I just don’t even say it anymore because everyone will shy away from the recipe. Nevertheless the bread crumbs won’t be missed. I only add them to make the meatballs a little more tender. It will be great with pine nuts or even almonds.


      1. These turned out great, Tom! The pork really helped the venison and I made a tomato-mushroom-kale ragout with a little sweet-sour kick that was a nice accompaniment. Thanks for the inspiration!


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