Day One: My Turkey Stock Recipe

9 thoughts on “Day One: My Turkey Stock Recipe”

  1. Your words evoke beautiful images and feelings, your way with words is magical, you are truly gifted. I think I’ve read every one of your posts. I feel as if I know your family, like I’ve walked with you in your garden and cooked with you in your kitchen. I’ve read a million blogposts, but never have I left a comment…until today. Thank you for every word, every moment you share, every precious image you conjure. I wondered why you had quit posting and I truly missed hearing from you. When I read today’s post I realized why. I wanted to tell you and your family how very sorry I am for what y’all are going through. I am praying for Amy, for you and for your girls.


  2. This story filled my eyes with tears. It reminded me of my Mom, when she was sick, and how her cooking is such an inspiration to me. Your writing evoked the feeling of a midwestern winter. That bleakness that is softened by the knowledge of a warm kitchen and food lovingly prepared. I can see the light outside and smell your stock cooking. Keep writing. You are good at it. Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Your writing this time is elegiac and I cannot express all that it evokes… feelings, memories, complexities.. thank you for writing. I miss your Farm Journal, need to do a search.
    My aThanksgivings have gone through similar evolutions as time goes by.


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