Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup (For the Slow Cooker)

7 thoughts on “Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup (For the Slow Cooker)”

  1. Tom, I have a slow cooker sitting on my kitchen bench. I’ve used it twice. Looking for good recipes. Yours looks delicious, but the meat does look dry. Is it?


    1. It can be and in this case I simply let it sit too long before I took my pictures but since the fat content was good it didn’t feel or seem dry. You know as well as I if you over cook just about any animal protein no matter how much liquid it is braised in you can make it dry—slow cookers are no different.


  2. Hi Tom – I totally get your hesitancy with a slow cooker. I have to slap myself to keep from opening the lid every time I use it. This looks so delicious and warming – Kat


  3. Looks like a great recipe. I notice in the photo there are some sliced up shitakes, but I don’t see them listed in the recipe. Alright to add some additional veggies to this one?


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