Bona Fide Black Skillet Cornbread

7 thoughts on “Bona Fide Black Skillet Cornbread”

  1. WHOO! This is a great article and picture! I am so glad Virginia tweeted this and I found your blog Will send to all of my cornbread loving peeps–and there are many! 🙂


  2. I grew up eating Southern cornbread since my folks were from Arkansas. We used bacon grease for most everything! I am a new follower, so I hope you will excuse my ignorance with this following question. Is corn flour and corn meal the same thing? Or by corn flour, do you mean the really finely ground product similar to corn masa used in tamales? My mom always used a mix of half corn meal and half white flour. I live in Imperial Beach, south of San Diego, and am familiar with a lot of Hispanic food terms, but not with corn flour. I love your blog, and am glad I found you!


    1. Corn flour is finely ground but it is not the same as masa. Masa has been slacked in lime which gives it its unique flavor, as it does hominy too. I use Bob’s Redmill corn flour. Many of the groceries around here carry it so it is easy for me to find. Thanks and I am glad you found me too!


      1. Great! I’ll look at my local Vons and see if they have Bob’s corn flour. In my original comment, I forgot to add that cornbread is not cornbread if it doesn’t come in a cast iron skillet! There’s that old joke about that…”Pie are square….no, pie are round, cornbread are square” But not if you do it right! 😎


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