Greek Style Shrimp in Tomato Sauce (+ 10 Tips to Better Sautéing)

8 thoughts on “Greek Style Shrimp in Tomato Sauce (+ 10 Tips to Better Sautéing)”

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  3. Tom,
    Thank you for yet another great post! I plan on making this soon, if not tonight! What sides would you serve with this delicious dish? Please keep writing and don’t ever stop, I so enjoy and learn so much from your extremely well written posts.


  4. I made this last night, but I added a bit of spicy chicken sausage since the shrimp at my market were pretty expensive ($22+ a lb). It was so good and so easy, especially with the great instructions. Thanks!


  5. Hi Tom, thanks for a great list of tips! Some I never thought of. One question occurred to me upon reading your recipe – if the oil takes on such nice flavors from aromatics (shallots, garlic, oregano…) why not put these in before the shrimp and then the shrimp would take on more of these flavors? Instead, one generally is told to do the protein first, remove it, and add it back later; but does it have enough time to soak up all these goodies just by warming through? And might it not be more flavorful if sauteed in the flavored oil to begin with? I really enjoy your posts – keep up the good work!! marsha


    1. It would make sense to do so wouldn’t it. The only problem is you need to heat the oil to a pretty hot temperature and the aromatics, especially the spices and garlic, that this recipe calls for would be burnt to a crisp before the shrimp were done. Thank you and I plan too.


      1. Thanks for the reply. Good point. I think I’ll experiment with flavoring the oil, then removing the aromatics, searing the protein, then adding in a second batch of goodies as in the recipe. Takes a bit longer, but may be well worth it.


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