The Best Corn on the Cob in the World

11 thoughts on “The Best Corn on the Cob in the World”

  1. I’m a chef and also a foodie I suppose… I’ve tried many types of corn cooked in a wide variety of ways, in many parts of the world… the best corn that I’ve ever found was in Hokkaido Japan… in japan they have something called “asamogi” this means that it is picked very early in the morning before the sun rises. This makes the corn more sweet… once the sun rises the plant starts to photosynthesise and the sugar content in the corn is effected. Asamogi corn is as sweet as can be. Hokkaido has 5 main types of corn However Hokkaido “pure white” is highly recommended, although difficult to grow due to a low germination rate and a short harvest period… when the corn is very fresh and picked asamogi style it can be eaten raw… if cooked I prefer to boil it very briefly (about 3 to 4 minutes max). I like it with butter and salt… sometimes extra virgin olive oil… and even sometimes with italian white truffle oil…. now this is really sublime!!!!


  2. I love my pressure cooker! I have an old-fashioned stove-top Presto pressure cooker and I use it quite often. I will have to make corn this way and will let you know how it goes. Oregon corn is a bit late this year from our drought. I’m just starting to see it in the markets, fingers crossed that it’s fresh and delicious. I’m looking forward to your pressure cooker recipes!


  3. We bought a pressure cooker several months ago on sale. Haven’t used it yet. In fact, have never used a pressure cooker. Your descriptions were so tantilizing it got my mouth watering. I think this will be my first pressure cooker recipe I try.


  4. Now that we finally have fresh, local corn here in Maine I am going to do this. I am as much a fan of pressure cooking as you are – a great device.


    1. gale, I think you will like it! Stay tuned in, I just finished my first pressure cooking book, being published soon, so you will be finding a lot more pressure cooker recipes here very soon.


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