Farmhouse Whole Wheat

6 thoughts on “Farmhouse Whole Wheat”

  1. How do you acquire the beautiful look of the loaves in the picture? They are gorgeous and I’d like to give it a try, but am not sure how to divide the dough. Can you help me? Also, my experience with brushing a risen bread (=ready for the oven) with butter or egg wash was that it felt flat like a pancake and did not rise anymore. Forgive me for asking, but are you sure brushing it with egg wash will be fine? You have a wonderful web site, by the way (I found it through


    1. Hi, and thanks. If your bread fell flat, and I have had it happen too, when you gave it a wash it was probably because it had over risen. As far as the look. I separate the dough into three equal balls, roll them out like a French loaf (a cigar shape) about twice the length of the bread pan, and then braid them like you would hair then I tuck the ends under and into the loaf pan it goes for the final rise. I hope that answers your questions.


  2. I’m always worried about doing bread but this one looks so good that I’m inspired. Two questions I have: could I use reg WW flour- don’t know if I can get fine grind WW. Also, could I use olive oil instead of butter? Thanks for your work – I’ve made a number of your recipes off food52, coq au vin just this past weekend and your meatballs emilia-romagna…


    1. Bread is one of those things you just have to do a couple of times and then you won’t worry so much. When I say fine grind I am mostly talking regular whole wheat. What doesn’t work is a coarse grind or stone ground. King Arthur whole wheat for example is what I use. I am sure oil would work but the end product will be different, not necessarily in flavor although olive oil and butter are different but in shelf life and texture. That doesn’t mean one would be better then the other but different. I am also not sure but if you use oil I would cut the milk down a little and then add more if necessary.


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