The Wonder Of Store-Bought Crackers

5 thoughts on “The Wonder Of Store-Bought Crackers”

  1. Saltines with butter kept me sane (and fed) during my first term of college. My first dormitory diner was catfish and hushpuppies. A month later it was all over… the catfish had given way to fish sticks. And so my saltines-with-butter phase began.


  2. I have met my kindred Brother in Crackers. I just went to my pantry. I have 5 boxes of different varieties in there. Old Bay on crackers?? Genius!! But you must tell, what is pickled bologna? – Kat


  3. I have the same memories of the cracker basket and butter, sweet nostalgia, rare dinners in restaurants with my parents. Also, my precious Mother would give me saltines and a little coke when I was sick and that’s what I still reach for these days when I’m under the weather. My Mom, like you seem to be, was a soup wizard, skillfully coaxing heavenly depth of flavor from inexpensive ingredients. So, your chowder and special oyster crackers are sounding like just what I need today. Thanks for another great post.

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