Sautéed Chicken with Pepperoni and Olives

5 thoughts on “Sautéed Chicken with Pepperoni and Olives”

  1. I don’t worry too much about the plate temperature in the summer. We are usually eatting salad and BBQ something-or-other. But in the winter I like a warm plate with hot food. I have a miniscule sized kitchen, so I warm my plates in the microwave just before serving. 1 minute per plate does the trick.


  2. Okay, I didn’t know that some people think it is retentive to heat the plates for dinner. I always do it. I put them on the stove by the vent of the oven if I have it on. I hate coldish warm food. Now my 8 yr old is the same way. He won’t even eat certain sandwiches if they are not hot. This does pose lots of problems with what to pack for his lunch. He has a thermos of soup a great deal. I am going to make this for him. He will love the pepperoni part.


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